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Hotel Venice – At La Pergola your pet is welcome!

Tired of going on vacation always with the concern of the health of your pet that you have been forced to leave home, perhaps cared for by relatives, friends or dog and cat sitter? Hotels with pets allowed be counted on the fingers of one hand, and it is with pride that we say that La Pergola is one of these!

Hotel La Pergola di Venezia understands very well how may feel a pet owners forced to the distance from it for any vacation, and that's why in our hotel is permitted to carry your pet on vacation!

You have a dog? Or a cat? Take it with you in our structure, easy to reach both by car and the airport, close to Piazza San Marco and the most coveted tourist destinations of the most beautiful city in the world.

Hotel La Pergola is in the Lido of Venice and takes advantage of dozens of agreements with the local health centers and neighbors, to ensure a carefree holiday, and now with your dog or cat to keep you company!

Check the website of La Pergola in Venice to find out why we can be the perfect hotel for you!

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Hotel La Pergola Via Cipro - 30126 Venezia Lido P.Iva 03779450273 | info@lapergoladivenezia.it